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Work Anywhere. Replace VPN. Secure RDP.

Securely connect to any Windows computer anywhere without VPN or firewall exposure.

Manage BitLocker Encryption. Regardless of device location.

Secure your data from theft or loss. Enforce and manage encryption on Windows computers. 

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Secure RDP Connections

Secure all access to Windows. Replace VPN

TruGrid SecureRDP enables secure access to Windows computers and supports the following use cases:

  • Safely connect employees to their Windows computers from anywhere
  • Eliminate threat of spreading ransomware via VPN connections to Office
  • Implement the safest and fastest "Work from Home" solution
  • Stop cost & pain of multiple add-ons (VPN+MFA+RDP) with one solution
  • Help IT Admins create Virtual Desktop access in a matter of minutes
  • Implement a Remote Access solution with Zero Trust
  • Help IT Admins quickly secure RDP and VDI without touching firewalls
  • Exceed FBI* recommendations for securing RDP systems
  • Protect computers from BlueKeep and DejaBlue* Vulnerabilities
  • Replace expensive software like LogMeIn, TeamViewer, & GoToMyPC
  • Help organizations find out if hackers have stolen their logins
  • Help companies meet PCI / HIPAA compliance for exposed RDP Ports

*FBI recommendation for securing RDP

*US-CERT Bluekeep and Dejablue Vulnerabilities

Manage BitLocker Encryption

Secure all access to Windows. Replace VPN

TruGrid BitLocker Encryption Management allows companies to enforce and manage BitLocker encryption on Windows computers.

  • Secure Windows PC & laptop data from theft or loss
  • Encrypt Windows computers with and without TPM chips
  • Encrypt no-TPM computer disks with preboot password (no USB needed)
  • Meet HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance needs with disk encryption
  • Implement encryption without the need for GPO or scripting
  • Enforce encryption for non-domain joined computers
  • Enforce encryption regardless of computer location
  • Secure company data for employees who travel for work
  • Maintain company reputation with increased data privacy and security

TruScan Monitoring

Secure all access to Windows. Replace VPN

TruScan Monitoring enables companies to quickly identify and fix compromised corporate credentials. TruScan Monitoring helps companies…

  • Protect their brand and reputation
  • Implement Dark Web & Identity Monitoring for user credentials
  • Take quick action to minimize risks to company assets
  • Train employees on password security risks
  • Increase adoption of 2FA / MFA

Features and Plans

1 User

$12 / Month

Access up to 10 Computers

Starts at 10 Users

$15 / User / Month

Access unlimited Computers

7-day free trial

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14-day free trial

Secure RDP

Secure access to RDP / VDI / Windows Machines

Integrated 2FA / MFA with push authentication

Zero Trust Networking Access (ZTNA)

End to End Encryption

Remote to Local Printing

Remote Audio

File Transfer via Copy & Paste

Multi-Monitor Support

No firewall change required

Active Directory & Login brute force prevention

Native Windows & Mac Connector Apps

Mobile Connector Apps (iPhone & Android)

Multiple Concurrent Connections

Brokered Connections (No Agent Required)

User Activity Reporting

Single Sign-On to Active Directory PCs

Dark Web monitoring

Active Directory Federation

TruScan Multi-Domain Dark Web monitoring

Branded Portal & Multi-tenant dashboard

Help & Support

Email and LIVE CHAT support (9AM to 5PM ET)

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Please feel free to ask us a question on our live technical chat below or email us at help@trugrid.com

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