See how it works

Rich Features – Out of the Box!

Corporate-Wide Remote
Access in 10 Mins

Install Cloud Connector(s) in mins
Discover 100s of Desktops in seconds
Assign Desktops to employees in mins

Simplified Setup &
Management for IT Admins

Enable RDS on computers and we do the rest
No need for RDS Web, Gateway, and Brokers
No need for 3rd Party MFA or Firewall changes

Multi-Tenant Dashboard
for Service Providers

Manage 100s of Client Networks from one console
Single Sign-On & Active Directory Federation to Client Systems
Onboard clients / 100s of desktops in mins

End User Simplicity

Client Connector requires no installation
One-time-use Client Connector for better security
Integrates with built-in Microsoft RDP Client


Built-in 2 Factor Authentication
Active Directory anti-hacking feature
Firewalls, Datacenters, and Offices obscured

Rapid Client On-Boarding
for Hosting Providers

Provide Access to 100s of VDIs in Minutes
Secure RDP / Admin Access to Hosted VMs
Single Dashboard for Client Management

Always On Multi-location
Load Balancing

Connect multiple offices to the cloud in mins
Instantly recover from Datacenter outage
Migrate to the Cloud at your own pace

Fast Client Implementation
for Software Vendors

Deploy your software solutions to Customer in mins
Service Clients On-Premise or Hosted
Single Dashboard View to Client Systems

Pricing and Plans

Unleash the Security and Simplicity of TruGrid. Give your employees secure access to their desktops.

Corporate Plan

from $ 15 /MO

Major Credit Cards and Digital Currency accepted

(After signup, please email us if paying in Digital Currency)

Dashboard Access for admins and Employees

5 Free Licenses for 30 Days

Additional Features and Benefits Below

Service Provider Plan

from $ 0 /MO
For the first 5 Users

Same features as Corporate Plan PLUS

First 5 users free*

Dashboard Access for:

Manage Multiple Customers

Multi-Tenant Single Sign-On

* Service Provider verification required

All Plans Include:

  • We love our customers ! 24x7 Customer Care by Phone & Email
  • Combined with your password for improved security 2-Step Verification / Multifactor Authentication
  • Passwords never sent to Active Directory until MFA token succeeds Active Directory Anti-hacking
  • New access requests only sent to online and available desktops Intelligent Server Load Balancing
  • Instantly recover from a location outage by linking multiple datacenters Multi-location Load Balancing for Disaster Recovery
  • TruGrid client requires no installation – always new and fresh Zero-install Client
  • Create desktop, apps, and user grouping in one step Simplified User and Resource Grouping
  • Assign a name that you can remember to resources Resource Friendly Naming
  • Know what’s happening; who is doing what; and for how long Reporting and Analytics


Call 1-800-211-8332 or email [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need in order to use TruGrid?

    In order to use TruGrid, you need to register just the first network; install our TruGrid Cloud Connector; and then determine who is allowed to login to which computers. Here is a 1-minute summary video on the process.

  • How difficult is TruGrid to setup?

    TruGrid is very simple to setup and use. It takes about 10 minutes for the first network. For Service Providers, it takes about 5 minutes for each additional network added. Here’s a 2-minute video on the entire process.

  • Who uses TruGrid?

    TruGrid is used by organizations that need to provide secure remote access to employees’ PCs (physical or virtual - VDI) and shared servers. It is also used by Software Vendors to securely host applications for their customers in a very short time.

  • How does TruGrid secure access to Active Directory?

    TruGrid secures access to Active Directory by contacting your Active Directory domain only after a successful validation against employee phone tokens. Moreover, employees can use whatever phone tokens they like, or which their companies approve. This makes your Active Directory system very secure.

  • What types of changes do I need to make to our firewalls in order to use TruGrid?

    None. This is possible because our Cloud Connector creates a secure private tunnel from your network to TruGrid.