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Why We Created TruGrid

TruGrid was created to simplify technology while enhancing security with creativity
A few years back, I had the pleasure of unwrapping an iPod gift for my daughter. I found the iPod Quick Reference Manual and began to reach for the iPod to follow the instructions. I was amused to see my daughter, earbud headphones in ears, swinging to songs included on the iPod. Sheepishly, I asked her how she figured out how to use the device. Without speaking, she held out the iPod and showed me how intuitive it is to use.
As a technologist, I like to thoroughly read over instructional manuals before touching new products. I take lots of notes and make elaborate preparations. Yet, I am often amazed at the complexity of installing and configuring most software. The experience with my daughter highlighted the importance of making technology simple and intuitive to adopt.
Not much has changed in simplifying adoption of technologies since my experience above; so, we decided to do something about it.

We started working on the idea behind TruGrid in early 2016 and officially launched in 2018, with a goal to produce software that is simple for IT Professionals to adopt, intuitive for end users to use, with enhanced security. Our customers continue to help shape our product direction.
Our solution includes the following, with more to come:
  1. Multi-Tenant Dashboard for Service Providers
  2. Secure RDP solution that scales to support millions of devices worldwide
  3. Integrated 2FA /MFA /SSO with Push Authentication
  4. Integrated Dark Web / Identity Risk Monitoring
  5. Modern Device Management

Learn more about the TruGrid Security Architecture.

Peter Ayedun
CEO. trugrid.com.



What do I need in order to use TruGrid?
In order to use TruGrid, you need to register and validate your domain ownership. Then you can start using our Device Management product. For our Secure RDP product, you simply install our TruGrid Cloud Connector. Here is a 4-minute video on the process.
How difficult is TruGrid to setup?
TruGrid is very simple to setup and use. It takes about 15 minutes. For Service Providers, it takes about 5 minutes for each additional network added. Watch the video.
Who uses TruGrid?
  • TruGrid Secure RDP is used by organizations that need to secure access to computers running RDP (physical or virtual PCs and servers). It is also used by Software Vendors to securely host applications for their customers in a very short time.
  • TruGrid Device Management is used to manage and enforce certain policies on computers regardless of location.
How does TruGrid secure access to Active Directory?
TruGrid secures access to Active Directory by contacting your Active Directory domain only after a successful validation against employee phone tokens. Moreover, employees can use whatever phone tokens they like, or which their companies approve. This makes your Active Directory system very secure.
What types of changes do I need to make to our firewalls in order to use TruGrid?
None. This is possible because our Cloud Connector creates a secure private tunnel from your network to TruGrid.