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TruGrid Secure RDP is the simplest way to secure access to RDP systems.

The freedom to work from anywhere often requires connecting to remote desktops, VDIs and servers. Since it is built into Windows, Microsoft RDP is one of the most widely-used methods for remote work. As a result, open RDP ports are a rich target for hackers. Security Organizations estimate that there are nearly 11 million RDP ports open* to hacker attacks, and the FBI reports* that hackers are brazenly attacking unprotected RDP ports with stolen credentials. TruGrid Secure RDP makes your RDP systems invisible to hackers.

There are many ways to secure access to RDP, including VPN connections, RD Gateway implementations, and various third-party solutions. All of these solutions vary in their effectiveness, cost, and complexity. TruGrid Secure RDP is simple, secure, and cost-effective. It is currently free for up to 5 corporate users

Here are the reasons why customers like TruGrid Secure RDP:

Watch the video at the bottom of this page to see how easy TruGrid is for end users.

Below are some of the ways organizations use TruGrid Secure RDP:

  • Sales people securely access ERP systems while away from office
  • Lawyers securely access Office PC while away from office
  • Accountants securely access accounting software while away from office
  • Doctors securely access patient records from anywhere
  • IT Admins are replacing RD Gateway with a system with built-in 2FA
  • IT Admins are replacing VPN complexity with TruGrid Secure RDP simplicity
  • IT Admins are safeguarding corporate networks from the use of credentials stolen on the dark web
  • IT Admins who use RDP to manage remote systems use TruGrid with MFA
  • IT Admins who manage VMs in Azure, AWS, and Google clouds now close RDP ports on their firewalls and use TruGrid for secure access with MFA
  • IT Admins now use TruGrid Secure RDP for granular vendor access to secure systems
  • Organizations who find RD Gateway difficult to implement use TruGrid Secure RDP while closing all firewall ports, including RDP and SSL firewall ports
  • Organizations that used to expose RDP without security now use TruGrid because of its simplicity. Security organizations indicate that there are nearly 11 million exposed RDP systems!
  • IT Admins following FBI recommendations for securing RDP use TruGrid for its simplicity and effectiveness
  • IT Admins that don’t wish to clobber multiple systems together for RDP security use TruGrid because of its all-in-one security features
  • Companies that wish to replace expensive third-party solutions are now use TruGrid
  • Companies that don’t wish to install an agent on every remote desktop now use TruGrid because it acts as a secure gateway to systems that already have RDP
  • Organizations that must meet security compliance from exposed RDP ports using TruGrid to safeguard secure remote access
  • Organizations with sensitive data who require remote access using TruGrid 2FA and firewall obfuscation to secure remote access to their systems
  • ERP, EHR, and other software vendors use TruGrid to speed up roll out of RDS for centralized applications
  • Customers using applications on Terminal Server / Remote Desktop Services (RDS) use TruGrid to secure and speed up internal and external access
  • Customers are reducing cost with TruGrid Secure RDP by eliminating other complex infrastructure for RDS roll out
Here’s a 3-minute video that shows how easy it is the first time a user logs in and connects to a desktop.

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