How to Effectively Secure Microsoft RDS in Less Than 15 Minutes

How to Effectively Secure Microsoft RDS

Make Remote Desktop for Windows 10 Scalable

TruGrid makes scaling Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop simple and achievable in minutes. Learn more about our Secure RDP solution here!

Deploying Microsoft RDS to 1000’s of Desktops in Minutes

Deploying Microsoft RDS is difficult and cumbersome. TruGrid explains how they have cut the process down to 4 steps, and can deploy to thousands of desktops in minutes.

How To Secure Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

TruGrid helps reduce costs and complexity for organizations needing Secure RDP & BitLocker Encryption management, while protecting end-user credentials. Implements without any VPN, firewall changes, port forwarding, or tunneling.