SecureRDP Insights: Interview with TruGrid

TruGrid Logo representing simplified Access and Device Security

SafetyDetectives tech enthusiast and writer Shauli Zacks recently interviewed our CEO, Peter Ayedun to discuss topics about TruGrid SecureRDP platform, best practices for protecting remote access to company assets and unique risks to remote work staff.

Peter discussed the motivation behind starting the company, main services that TruGrid offers, best practices for securing remote access to company assets and TruGrid’s commitment to simplifying remote access while prioritizing security for mid-market companies and service providers.

Key points from the interview:

Main services offered by TruGrid, which are TruGrid SecureRDP and TruGrid BitLocker Management and specific advantages of using TruGrid’s services.

Reasons for TruGrid solution being more secure than a typical remote desktop program. In summary, it’s because of Zero Trust, using encryption and not opening gates in the network that could be broken.

TruGrid’s security and prevention of ransomware attacks by not allowing direct communication and blocking data transfer that can be used to steal data or transmit ransomware.

Best practices for securing remote access to company assets like not exposing assets via VPN, gateway, or open firewall ports, authentication with MFA before granting access to remote systems and disabling data redirection between local and remote systems.

Unique cybersecurity risks faced by remote workers like operating over unsecured networks, phishing scams, using unsecured devices and how TruGrid SecureRDP prevents those risks.

The complete article can be found here.