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Choosing a Remote Desktop Solution That Offers MSPs Security, Ease of Administration, and Peace of Mind

As an MSP, success in offering secure remote desktop services to clients requires choosing a solution that is secure and easy to administer.


Insecure Remote Work Solutions Increase Cybersecurity Risks

Post-COVID, organizations only offering full on-site employment risk losing 39% of their workforce.

Source: Gartner

The global COVID pandemic introduced the business world to full-scale remote work. While many businesses have gone back to in-office work settings, many have found themselves allowing hybrid work for a variety of reasons.

Even though an entire workforce may not be working remotely, a single remote worker can expose a company to unwanted cyber threats.

As an MSP, you know that unauthorized access into an organization’s network is the first step to a successful cyber attack, and remote work without the correct solution dramatically increases this risk.

Therefore, when a client calls and asks for secure remote desktop access for one or all of its employees, that is a big responsibility and liability for the MSP and the recommended solution.


30% of Small Businesses Will Experience a Cyberattack Which Will Force Them Out of Business in 6 Months

There is a ransomware attack on businesses every30 seconds.

Source: Cybercrime Magazine

That’s because there is a cyberattack against businesses every 30 seconds in the United States. As a managed service provider, you need to trust that the remote desktop services you install will prevent those attacks for your clients and not introduce increased liability to your organization.

XTECHS installs TruGrid SecureRDP in hours — not days – for their clients. XTECHS chose TruGrid because they know it’s secure, fast, includes two-factor authentication, and requires no open firewall ports.

Not only that, TruGrid is easy to administer for one or several clients. Its ease of administration makes TruGrid the easiest scaling remote desktop services stack.


An MSP-Friendly Remote Desktop Service That Gives You Peace of Mind

“With TruGrid SecureRDP, I have peace of mind. And as an MSP, you need that when your customers trust you with their security. You never want to have to make a call to a client and tell them the VPN service you installed didn’t work or exposed them to cyber attack.”

Remote working isn’t just a pandemic need. Today, remote work comes in many different forms and has the potential to affect every business:

  • Full-time remote employees
  • The employee that needs to work remotely for a day
  • The employee that needs to work remotely for an evening
  • The employee that needs to work remotely due to natural disasters

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