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Remotely Accessing Client Files Securely and Confidentially

Legal firms are bound by ethical and legal regulations to protect and secure confidential data files. So what does a legal firm do when it needs to access client files remotely?


Leading New York Law Firm Needs Secure Remote Access for Confidential Client Information

The average attorney without remote access to client files loses a firm $298 per hour.

Source: Clio

Due to the global COVID pandemic, a leading New York legal firm needed secure remote access to its confidential client files. The firm’s partners didn’t know what remote desktop access meant, but they knew they needed remote access to client files immediately.


Prevent $485 per hour Revenue Loss

The law firm needs each of its attorneys to bill 2,000 hours per year at $485 per hour. That meant the firm was losing money for every hour an attorney could not securely access confidential client files.

In addition to potential revenue loss, the firm — if it could not continue to work on client cases — risked losing clients, credibility, and its reputation..

Working with their Service Provider, Meeting Tree Computer, TruGrid SecureRDP was installed, and attorneys were able to use their laptops at home to access clients’ files at the office quickly and securely, without the need for VPN and without exposing office firewall over the internet.


Meet Client Obligations and Revenue Targets, Despite the Pandemic

Using TruGrid’s SecureRDP, the legal firm was able to provide remote file access to its attorneys within hours of its decision — not days.

By quickly deploying secure remote desktop access to its attorneys, the firm did not lose billable hours due to technical restrictions.

Its clients, knowing that their information was secure and confidential and not floating around on the Internet or on attorney laptops, were confident that their case was still being worked on at the same level as before the pandemic and with the same confidentiality.

Remote working isn’t just a pandemic need. Today, remote work comes in many different forms and has the potential to affect every business:

  • Full-time remote employees
  • The employee that needs to work remotely for a day
  • The employee that needs to work remotely for an evening
  • The employee that needs to work remotely due to natural disasters

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