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What Does a Service Provider Recommend When Their Client Needs Quick, Robust, Remote Desktop Access with MultiFactor Authentication?

MSPs rarely have time on their hands. So what does a Service Provider do when a client calls with an emergency and needs to have a secure remote environment operational... yesterday?


Our Emergency is Your Emergency

The average cost of IT healthcare downtime is $7,900 per minute

Source: Giva

National managed service provider (MSP) Intellisuite received an urgent call from one of their clients who had maxed out their Citrix bandwidth. The client needed to double the capacity of their remote access environment quickly — and ideally without having to procure more equipment.

To make matters even more complicated, their must-have list included: easy to administer, easy for end users, and because they are a healthcare organization, it must have two-factor authentication.


When We’re Down, We Lose $7,900 Per Minute

And if their laundry list of requirements wasn’t enough, the average cost of IT downtime in healthcare is roughly $7,900 per minute — so when they said they needed a solution quickly, they meant it.

That $7,900 per minute didn’t include any potential fines from personal healthcare information (PHI) infractions levied due to violations of the HITECH Act (Section 12410(e)(1))


A Remote Environment that IT and End Users Love and Prefer

Intellisuite chose to implement TruGrid SecureRDP — which they could install in hours, not days as with other remote desktop solutions. It allowed them to use their client’s existing PCs — meaning they didn’t have to purchase additional hardware. And, best of all, TruGrid offers two- factor authentication with no need for VPN or open firewall ports.

“With TruGrid we were up quickly,” reported the client’s Director of IT. “TruGrid offers us an environment that is simpler to operate and manage unlike Citrix. And because our users are accessing their desktops directly, it’s a more familiar environment versus connecting to a server like they had to do with Citrix. It makes for better user experience and adoption.”

Remote working isn’t just a pandemic need. Today, remote work comes in many different forms and has the potential to affect every business:

  • Full-time remote employees
  • The employee that needs to work remotely for a day
  • The employee that needs to work remotely for an evening
  • The employee that needs to work remotely due to natural disasters

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