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For SecureRDP – TruGrid works by allowing organizations to access any Windows computer behind firewalls without VPN or firewall exposure. TruGrid ensures that end users are pre-authenticated in the cloud before granting access to Windows desktops and apps. The RDP connections are routed over TruGrid’s low latency global fiber optics relays for improved end user experience. View TruGrid SecureRDP Architecture.

For BitLocker Management – TruGrid works by allowing organizations to manage BitLocker encryption and keys for any Windows computer, regardless of location. TruGrid does this via our IoT Agent software that is installed on each managed device. Learn about TruGrid BitLocker Management.

For SecureRDP – TruGrid will connect to any Windows computer that has the RDP feature enabled. The system requirements for TruGrid components can be found in our Best Practices Guide.

For BitLocker Management – TruGrid will manage BitLocker on any Windows computer that has the BitLocker feature enabled. 

In general, the best path for an internet connection is one with the lowest metric. However, lowest metric does not guarantee low latency or no congestion.

For best end user experience, TruGrid automatically determines where the end user is connecting from, and where the end user is connecting to. With this information, TruGrid dynamically creates a fiber optics mesh between the end user and remote server; thus bypassing congestion over the typical internet route.

For example, a TruGrid customer making RDP connections between Australia and US will enjoy a much better experience than when making the same connection without TruGrid.

In general, TruGrid SecureRDP takes about 20 minutes to setup, and TruGrid BitLocker Management takes about 10 minutes to setup. Time will vary based on customer environment readiness and complexity.

Typical TruGrid customers are organizations that value technologies that are easy to implement, yet with maximum security.

Current TruGrid customers span all industries, including IT Service Providers, Manufacturing & Retail, Finance & Banking, Healthcare and Life Sciences, etc.

TruGrid protects Active Directory by contacting Active Directory domain only after successful validation of end user MFA. As a result, stolen Dark Web logins, brute force attacks, password stuffing, password spraying, etc., don’t work against TruGrid, provided customers do not turn off the MFA that is enabled by default.

None. TruGrid functions without requiring any inbound firewall port to be open.

RDP with no firewall exposure is now a requirement for many Cybersecurity Insurance Policies.

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