Simplify access to Windows Desktops & Apps with maximum security

Simplify DaaS Implementation with TruGrid
Simplify DaaS Implementations Eliminate Latency

TruGrid SecureRDP

SecureRDP simplifies access to Windows desktops and apps anywhere. It is DaaS software that is based on Zero Trust and no firewall exposure.

Customers typically implement TruGrid SecureRDP within a day.

SecureRDP eliminates internet latency for RDP & DaaS connections.

Popular Use Cases

DaaS & RDS Modernized

Unlike legacy DaaS & RDS solutions that require exposed firewalls, VPN or Gateway Appliances, TruGrid requires no firewall exposure and completely shields customers from internet visibility.

TruGrid handles authentication in the cloud and ensures that only pre-authenticated connections can access corporate networks.

TruGrid acts like a cloud shield and blocks targeted attacks against a network.

Support Remote Work without VPN vulnerabilities

Core benefits of TruGrid SecureRDP

  • Maximum Security

    Closing all inbound firewall ports makes networks invisible over the internet

  • Zero Trust

    TruGrid prevents ransomware and data theft by blocking data transfer between remote users and corporate networks

  • Cloud Authentication

    Everyone must authenticate in the cloud before accessing the network

  • Default MFA

    TruGrid MFA is enabled by default. Any MFA integrated into Microsoft Azure also supported for authentication

  • Eliminate Latency

    TruGrid Global Fiber Optics Mesh bypasses internet congestion to deliver low latency experience

  • Simplicity

    Many customers implement TruGrid SecureRDP within a day

Popular Features of TruGrid SecureRDP

Securely connect employees to their Office PCs & Virtual Desktops in the Cloud

Enjoy built-in two-factor authentication and prevent stolen logins from being used

Implement the safest and fastest "Work from Home" solution

Stop cost & pain of multiple add-ons (VPN+MFA+RDP) with one solution

Authenticate via Active Directory or Azure AD, or Hybrid AD & AAD

Implement a Remote Access solution with Zero Trust and eliminate VPN risks

Secure RDP, VDI, and DaaS without exposing firewalls

Software for desktop and application cloud hosting platform

Protect computers from BlueKeep and DejaBlue Vulnerabilities

Replace expensive software like LogMeIn, TeamViewer, & GoToMyPC

Eliminate threat of spreading ransomware over VPN connections to Office

Meet PCI / HIPAA / Cybersecurity Insurance compliance for exposed RDP Ports

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