Azure Virtual Desktop

Eliminate Azure Virtual Desktop Complexity and Hidden Costs

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is complex
Implementing AVD can be a maze!

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Complexity

AVD requires comprehensive knowledge of Azure cloud in order to setup and manage, with some tasks requiring knowledge of the PowerShell scripting language.

AVD has a control plane that manages Web Access, Gateway, Broker, and Diagnostics for the AVD Session Hosts, including multisession Windows 10 and Windows 11 hosts.

AVD requires knowledge of Host Pools, Application Groups, and Workspaces. It also requires the on-going maintenance of AVD Agents installed on every AVD Session Host. When AVD Session Hosts are joined to Azure AD only (no Active Directory), the AVD Hosts also require Intune in order to maintain and apply policies.

Avoid AVD Hidden Costs

In addition to the publicized cost of the AVD Session Hosts, AVD has additional hidden costs that include the Control Plane, SQL Database, Diagnostics, and other components.

Intune may also be required to manage AVD joined only to Azure AD.

Eliminate AVD Hidden Costs
Eliminate AVD Hidden Costs
Simplify AVD with TruGrid
Simplify AVD with TruGrid

TruGrid for AVD

Given that systems that make up AVD Sessions Hosts (Windows Server and Windows 10 / 11 Multi-Session VMs) are independently available in Azure, organizations that wish to avoid AVD’s complexity and hidden costs use TruGrid SecureRDP to gain experience identical to AVD.

With TruGrid SecureRDP, organizations can connect to Azure Windows Server and Windows 10 / 11 Multi-Session Hosts without the need to install or manage AVD agents on the Session Hosts (TruGrid simply leverages the built-in RDP protocol on the Session Hosts without any edge firewall exposure); and without the complexity of Host Pools, Application Groups, Workspaces, and PowerShell Scripting.

Customers leverage their familiarity with domain-joined VMs and Active Directory Group Policies to manage Azure Multisession hosts and connect via TruGrid.

DR with AVD and AWS Workspaces

Maintaining business continuity is very crucial part of organizations that value maximum uptime.

Whether through multiple public cloud regions, or hybrid public/private clouds, mature IT operators recognize that an active-active business continuity implementation offers the best and fastest way to recover from a single location disaster.

Customers leverage the cloud-agnostic nature of TruGrid to achieve their active-active business continuity goals. By deploying DaaS workloads in multiple clouds, for example over AVD and AWS workspaces, and using TruGrid to manage access, IT can transparently allow end users to access their workspaces in surviving clouds.

Migrate to any cloud with TruGrid
Manage AVD & AWS with TruGrid