Banking & Finance

Zero Trust access to applications and desktops anywhere

Maintain High Security & Compliance
Prevent Data Leak

Maintain High Security & Compliance

Often a big target of malicious computer attacks and fraud, financial institutions require the highest level of security without sacrificing productivity and performance. Yet, financial institutions have a need to support hybrid work like many other organizations, while ensuring that data stays well within the corporate network or cloud. Customers use TruGrid to ensure zero data leak and high security.

Customers leverage TruGrid’s secure – by – default setup where data transfer between remote and office networks is disabled; where there is no firewall exposure of any kind; and where multifactor authentication (MFA) is included and enabled by default.

Moreover, customers use TruGrid’s login and location reports to help maintain compliance.

Secure & Simplify Hybrid Work

IT operators are tasked with making technologies work for the enterprise. They wade through the complexities of multiple technologies and security add-ons. Yet, they strive to make the final product easy enough for end users.

Toward this end, IT decision makers leverage simplified TruGrid setup, which takes as little as 2 hours. They embrace the secure – by – default setup of TruGrid because it achieves the security and simplicity that they desire.

Being able to connect to work from a variety of approved and BYO devices – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Browsers – simply and with highest security; mandatory MFA, and no data leak, is imperative for IT operators and end users alike.

Support Secure Remote Work with TruGrid
Support Secure Remote Work
Prevent Data Leak with TruGrid
Support Hybrid Cloud for Your Workspaces

Simplify Hybrid Cloud Implementations

Trends show that financial organizations and IT operators are embracing the cloud faster than other industries.

As financial organizations migrate to the cloud or choose hybrid cloud solutions, simplifying the experience without work interruption becomes paramount.

The cloud – agnostic nature of TruGrid allows financial institutions to maintain Remote Desktops and DaaS on multiple clouds or migrate all their DaaS to public clouds such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, with zero downtime.

Simplify & Secure BPO

Financial institutions often outsource certain work functions to third – party partners. Yet, connecting partner networks to the financial institutions’ networks via any form of VPN is not acceptable because it creates insecure bridge between partner and corporate networks. In addition, financial institutions often have no control over the devices used by partner employees and therefore cannot trust these devices to access the corporate network.

Customers leverage TruGrid to create zero – trust access between untrusted remote networks and devices, and corporate DaaS and VDIs, to get work done securely.

TruGrid secure-by-default implementation enforces MFA for all remote users and eliminates data theft between remote and corporate networks.

Implement BPO without Data Leak with TruGrid
Implement BPO without Data Leak
Simplify Business Continuity with Hybrid Cloud
Simplify Business Continuity with Hybrid Cloud

Achieve Active-Active Business Continuity

Maintaining business continuity is a very crucial part of banking and finance. Whether through multiple public cloud regions, or hybrid public / private clouds, mature IT operators in finance recognize that an active – active business continuity implementation offers the best and fastest way to recover from a single location disaster.

Customers leverage the cloud – agnostic nature of TruGrid to achieve their active – active business continuity goals. By deploying DaaS workloads in multiple clouds and using TruGrid to manage access, IT can transparently allow end users to access their workspaces in surviving clouds.