Cybersecurity and Insurance Compliance

Meet cybersecurity & insurance requirements for securing RDP

Enable Vendor / Partner Access without Compromise
Close all Firewall Ports Enforce MFA

Make RDP Invisible

Exposed Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is one of the top 3 ways to get ransomware into an organization. Today, it is considered business malpractice to use RDP over exposed firewall ports and without MFA. Ransomware can also spread on RDP over VPN connections from remote workers.

As a result, cybersecurity and insurance compliance increasingly require that all access through RDP must be secured with MFA. Some insurance companies also require no firewall exposure (even over HTTPS).

TruGrid makes RDP invisible over the public internet, thereby exceeding cybersecurity and insurance compliance requirements.

Prevent Use of Stolen Passwords

TruGrid automatically checks the DarkWeb for the presence of customer email addresses, which often indicates theft of passwords. When discovered, TruGrid triggers alerts for Administrators. 

More importantly, stolen logins and passwords are prevented while using TruGrid because MFA is verified in advance of other credentials.

When combined with Zero Trust implementation, cloud authentication, zero firewall exposure, and invisible RDP, TruGrid places tremendous burden on would-be hackers and causes them to look elsewhere.

Repel RDP attacks with TruGrid
Prevent Use of Stolen Credentials