Healthcare & Life Sciences

Secure access to apps anywhere

Enable Vendor / Partner Access without Compromise
Enable Vendor / Partner Access without Compromise

Secure Partner Access

It is not uncommon for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical organizations to maintain VPN access with partner networks for critical business functions.

A common practice for healthcare and life sciences organizations is to grant access to billing and certain business systems for third-party workers. In many cases, VPN is used to establish access between partner and corporate networks.

Many in Healthcare and Life Sciences now recognize the danger with exposing their networks to partners over VPN as this creates a bridge that allows ransomware traversal between both. An attack over exposed VPN will cause downtime and data compromise, and in some cases heavy fines and loss of reputation.

To create secure partner access to business networks, customers rely on TruGrid’s zero – trust architecture, which blocks all data traversal between partner and hospital network, while allowing partners to work remotely while data remains safe within the hospital datacenter

Maintain Privacy & Compliance

Healthcare and Life Sciences require high security and data privacy without sacrificing productivity and performance.

With a diverse workforce, Healthcare and Life Sciences institutions must maintain data privacy and security regardless of where end users connect from and what devices they use.

Customers rely on TruGrid’s native support for a variety of devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, etc.) and its secure-by-default setup to maintain security compliance, prevent PHI leak, and assure data privacy; without sacrificing end user productivity.

Enable Out-of-the-Box Data Privacy with TruGrid
Enable Out-of-the-Box Data Privacy
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Enable Simplified & Secure Remote Access

Simplify Anywhere Access to Business Apps

A lot has changed in technology since 2020. From coping with pandemic demands, to preventing relentless attack on IT infrastructure, corporate IT needs to remain nimble while keeping the organization secure.

Healthcare IT needs to deal with regular updates to clinical apps while ensuring maximum uptime for clinicians and other knowledge workers.

Customers using TruGrid leverage its secure-by-default setup to achieve maximum security; its simplified setup and automated updates to achieve IT flexibility and maximum uptime; and its integrated security and support for any device to simplify end user onboarding.

Enable Hybrid Cloud Implementations

As business applications and computer hardware come up for renewal and upgrades, many organizations consider options to minimize large capital expenses.

Many are gradually finding the use of public clouds very attractive for reducing capital expenses and improving operational efficiencies.

As organizations migrate to the cloud or choose hybrid cloud solutions, simplifying the experience without work interruption is paramount. The cloud-agnostic nature of TruGrid allows organizations to maintain Remote Desktops and DaaS on multiple clouds or migrate all their DaaS to public clouds such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, with zero downtime.

Enable Hybrid Cloud Implementations
Migrate to the Cloud at Your Own Pace
Achieve Active-Active Business Continuity with TruGrid
Simplify Business Continuity

Achieve Active-Active Business Continuity

Given the critical nature of healthcare and life sciences, maintaining business continuity is vital. Whether through multiple datacenters, or hybrid public / private clouds, mature IT operators recognize that active-active business continuity implementation offers the best and fastest way to recover disaster. Customers leverage the cloud-agnostic nature of TruGrid to achieve their active-active business continuity goals.

By deploying VDI / DaaS workloads in multiple clouds and using TruGrid to connect and manage access, IT transparently allows end users to access their workspaces in any surviving cloud.