High End Graphic & Multimedia Apps

Use High End Graphics and Multimedia over RDP

TruGrid Reduce-Latency-with-Graphic-Apps-over-RDP

Reduce Latency with Graphic Apps over RDP

Traditionally, high end graphic apps are not recommended over RDP. In fact, high end graphic apps will likely never perform as good as when running them on local endpoints.

However, in some high security scenarios or where collaboration is required, the use of RDP can be the only option available.

TruGrid SecureConnect technology and TruGrid global fiber-optic relays combine to provide self-brokering and low latency connectivity to graphic desktops over RDP DDA or RemoteFX. This is accomplished regardless of the distance between end user and the graphic desktop.

Reduce Video Conferencing Latency over RDP

Due to the nature of RDP, video conferencing apps will typically not perform as good as when they are run locally on endpoints.

However, with the use of Media Optimization Packs and TruGrid SecureConnect over TruGrid’s global fiber-optic relays, customers experience lower latency with multimedia applications over TruGrid SecureRDP.

TruGrid Reduce-Latency-with-Graphic-Apps-over-RDP