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Securely access business applications from anywhere

Support Remote Work without VPN vulnerabilities
Eliminate VPN Insecurity Prevent Ransomware from Remote Locations

Eliminate VPN Insecurity

The recent pandemic has allowed many manufacturing and retail organizations to recognize that more job functions than previously imagined can be performed anywhere.

In order to take advantage of this trend, many organizations embrace BYO (Bring Your Own) devices for remote work to minimize cost while providing job flexibility.

The challenge is that utilizing traditional VPN to connect remote workers to office networks is no longer tenable. This is because VPN creates a direct bridge between company networks and employee home / remote networks and devices; thereby making ransomware easy to spread. To avoid this threat while providing work flexibility, customers use TruGrid SecureRDP to eliminate VPN while providing secure access to manufacturing and retail applications on company networks, without any firewall exposure.

Support Secure Hybrid Work

Traditionally, many employees with fixed physical PCs at work rarely worked remotely. With increased need and ability to work from anywhere, many organizations wish to ensure that the employee experience is the same whether they are in the office or at home; but without compromising security

Сustomers leverage TruGrid to provide a consistent work experience regardless of where employees are working from and regardless of the devices they use to connect, while maintaining data security.

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Allow Employees to Work from Anywhere
Migrate to the Cloud at Your Own Pace
Migrate to the Cloud at Your Own Pace

Simplify Cloud Migration

Every now and then, manufacturing companies need to upgrade or replace their ERP software in order to remain competitive and increase efficiency. Likewise, computer servers where ERP systems run become obsolete and require upgrades or replacement.

In the face of big capital expense required to meet ERP and hardware upgrades, many organizations opt for cloud hosting to increase efficiencies and turn capital expense to operational expense.

In the process, organizations prefer a flexible way to evaluate and migrate to the cloud without affecting productivity.

Customers use TruGrid to create a consistent experience for employees and their workflow as they evaluate and migrate to the cloud.

Maintain Talents Anywhere

For many manufacturing companies, it’s not easy to maintain employees in states where they have no operations. As a result, many have lost skilled employees that relocated out of state. Adoption of hybrid work using secure workspaces from TruGrid enables manufacturers to hire the right talent anywhere.

In order to increase competitiveness, customers use TruGrid to provide access to secure workspaces for all employees regardless of location, and without sacrificing data security and compliance.

Confidently Expand Your Talent Pool with TruGrid
Confidently Expand Your Talent Pool