Modernize Remote Desktop Services (RemoteApp)

Modernize Remote Desktop Services (RDS) access and security

Modernize Your RDS Implementation with TruGrid
Modernize Your RDS Implementation Eliminate Internet Latency

Effortless RDS

The traditional RDS implementation requires the complexity of enabling and configuring RD Session Hosts, RD Gateway, RD Connection Broker, RD Web Access, SQL database, and maintaining annual SSL certificates. For security-minded organizations, third-party MFA must be added to in order to guarantee security and privacy.

Organizations that value simplicity and integrated security use TruGrid to modernize RDS without complexity. With TruGrid, the only role required is the RDS host. Exposed firewall ports over TCP 443 is a thing of the past. MFA is included and enabled by default. This helps clients meet cybersecurity and insurance compliance.

TruGrid cloud service delivers zero-trust secure access with integrated MFA to RDS desktops, with zero firewall exposure. With TruGrid, organizations already using Office 365 can leverage their Azure AD credentials for hybrid login to AD-joined RD hosts. TruGrid implements in about 1 hour.

RemoteApp the Easy Way

RDS RemoteApp is one of best ways to deliver Windows applications to run on any device, including Mac, iOS, and Android devices. It also minimizes the complexity of locking down Windows desktops.

Organizations use TruGrid SecureRDP to deliver RemoteApp to any device with the toggle of a button, and without the need for RD Gateway, RD Connection Broker, RD Web Access, SQL database, and annual SSL certificate management.

TruGrid includes MFA and allows organizations to leverage their Azure AD MFA if they desire. TruGrid implements in about 1 hour and does not require any firewall exposure.

"Image showing TruGrid SecureRDP that simplifies DaaS implementations and eliminates latency."
Simplify & Secure RemoteApp