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VDI and DaaS on any Cloud

Security – minded organizations use VDI and DaaS to assure the highest security for their data on public and private clouds. Organizations use VDI and DaaS to protect applications and data within the security bubble of a fully managed cloud; thereby eliminating threats from corporate data residing on BYO or roaming laptops, or ransomware threats from VPN connections to the office network.

Furthermore, mature organizations use hybrid clouds to deliver VDI and DaaS in order to minimize risks and increase uptime and resiliency. Hence, organizations want flexibility when choosing cloud platforms; therefore, they prefer VDI and DaaS solutions that work on any cloud.

For example, organizations using Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD) cannot extend it to manage desktops on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Likewise, organizations using Amazon Workspaces cannot extend the solution to manage desktops on Microsoft Azure. The same problem exists for organizations using Hyper – V or VMware ESXi to manage their VDI solutions.

Customers who want maximum flexibility in order to manage virtual desktops on any cloud use TruGrid SecureRDP because it works on any cloud, be it Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or any private datacenter. TruGrid allows organizations to connect to desktops on multiple clouds (public and private) from the same dashboard while furthering their hybrid cloud initiatives.

Cloud Hosting for Service Providers

Service Providers selling cloud hosting services deliver vital functions to many businesses that don’t want the complexities of managing their own VDIs and application hosting.

Given their critical role, Service Providers prefer simpler and secure solutions with integrated services that don’t require multiple third-party add-ons and complexities

in order to work.In order to support growth and improve uptime and resiliency, mature Service Providers also prefer solutions that are cloud-agnostic and can support multiple clouds (public and private), from a single dashboard.

Service Providers use TruGrid SecureRDP because it works on any cloud. TruGrid multitenant dashboard allows Service Providers to connect to multiple clouds and on-premises datacenters from the same interface, in order to further their hybrid cloud initiatives.

Moreover, TruGrid includes built-in MFA or the optional built-in support for Azure AD and Azure MFA; integrated and automated zero-configuration cloud gateways; zero firewall configuration (zero open ports / no firewall exposure); and integrated and automated zero-touch load balancing.

Simplify DaaS Hosting with TruGrid
Simplify Your DaaS Hosting
TruGrid SecureDP on Cloud
Your VDI or RDS on Hyper-V or VMware

VDI on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi

Organizations leveraging private clouds (on-premises datacenters) typically use Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESXi hypervisors. Traditionally, when launching VDIs on any of these platforms, organizations need to choose from complicated third-party technologies that often require additional add-ons such as security gateways and appliances, Load Balancers, Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Directory Services integration, SSL certificates, firewall security and configuration, etc.

Organizations must also deal with the associated costs of the third-party technologies and add-on components; the ensuing implementation and integration complexities; and the on-going costs and maintenance.

Customers use TruGrid SecureRDP to eliminate several add-on costs and complexities. Customers leverage TruGrid’s built-in MFA or the optional built-in support for Azure AD and Azure MFA; integrated and automated zero-configuration cloud gateways; zero firewall configuration (zero open ports / nofirewall exposure); integrated and automated zero-touch load balancing; and built-in support for VDIs on multiple hypervisors at the same time. Furthermore, TruGrid implementation can be accomplished in 2 hours or less.