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TruGrid and Citrix

BenefitsTruGrid SecureRDPCitrix Virtual Apps & Desktop
Implementation & Licensing
1Free Product Implementation & Support
Free product installation & support for all customers
(Implementation takes less than 1 day)
Not Available
Implementation takes days or weeks
2Licensing Model
TruGrid licensing is very straightforward and includes all features
10-User Minimum
TruGrid licenses is per named user per month
Annual discouted licenses available
250-User Minimum in some cases
Citrix licensing is complicated, including Universal, Hybrid, Cloud + Named and Concurrent
3Partner Use Licenses
TruGrid Partners get free internal-use licenses and software downloads
TruGrid includes Free Internal Use licenses for PartnersBeginning July 1, 2024, access to Partner Use and Demo Use Licenses will no longer be available for Silver and Authorized Partners. Platinum Tier Partners can request these licenses
4Low Latency Fiber-Optic Mesh to Reduce Connection Lag
TruGrid has relay nodes in over 60 Microsoft Azure Regions to route connections via Azure fiber-optic backbone, thus reducing connection latency. See
5SQL Database
For Citrix, required to store configuration and session information. For Microsoft RDS, required when using RD Broker to store session state, user connection data, and load-balancing configurations
Not NeededRequired for On-Premises Deployments
Unless when using Citrix DaaS
6Unified Management Console
Simplifies and automates deployments and multi-tenant implementations
TruGrid WebCitrix Studio (no multi-tenancy)
Citrix Cloud (multi-tenant)
7Microsoft Azure Integration
Enables use of Azure Active Directory for published resources
8Hypervisor Agnostic
Permits virtual Windows resources to be deployed on any hypervisor
9Broker Load-balancing
Automatically load-balance users across resource brokers
10Server-based virtual desktops
Multi-user virtual desktops that provide the flexibility and mobility benefits of desktop virtualization
11VDI (Dedicated)
Desktop operating systems, such as Windows 10 and Windows 11, hosted in any datacenter and securely delivered to users on-demand
12VDI (Pooled)
Desktop operating systems, such as Windows 10 and Windows 11, hosted in any datacenter or cloud and securely delivered to users on-demand
13vGPU Support
Enables powerful GPU performance for workloads rich graphics and demanding computation
via Windows Discrete Device Assignment (DDA)
14Any device access
Empowers employees to choose the devices that are right for them and their work style with a universal client that works natively on the broadest range of desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
TruGrid Connector for
Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Workspace App for
Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
15Remote Access to Non-AD Machines
Provide secure remote access to physical PCs, Laptops, and VMs not joined to Active Directory
via TruGrid Secure Connect
Not Available
16Server-based Virtual Applications (Server-based hosted apps)
Enable secure access to Windows and web apps on any type of device including iOS, Android, Mac and Windows for on-demand access from anywhere
Currently from Windows & Mac
17Published Windows Resources over the Internet
Allows access to Published Windows Resources over the Internet
YesRequires add-on Citrix NetScaler with open firewall ports
1Secure by Default – Firewall Protection
Provide secure remote access to Desktops and Apps without open firewall ports or firewall exposure
Yes (Any Cloud)Yes. Requires Citrix DaaS
Not available for NetScaler On-Premises
2Secure by Default – Cloud Authentication via Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
Provides authentication in the cloud before access is granted to hosted resources
Yes (Any Cloud)Yes. Requires Citrix DaaS
Not available for NetScaler On-Premises
3Secure by Default – Integrated Multi-Factor authentication
Automatically enabled for all users. Enhances secure access from anywhere through two-step verification
4Secure by Default – All redirection disabled
Data traversal and ability to copy data between company and remote systems disabled by default
5Trusted Computer as Authenticator
Allows end users to create shortcuts on one Trusted computer and SSO to approved resources without additional authentication
Yes (Windows & Mac Only)No
6Multiple Active Directory UPN
Within a single Active Directory domain, allows the use of any UPN defined in Domain and Trusts for login to published resources
7Credential Guard compliant
Microsoft security feature introduced in Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows Server 2016 that guards against “Pass-the-hash” type attacks
8Enhanced IT security
Protection of mission-critical data in the datacenter, where it can be audited, controlled and enforced by policy. Only screen updates, mouse clicks and keystrokes—not data—traverse the remote connection keeping application data safe from hackers and protecting the corporate network from unmanaged devices
9Federated Active Directory
Enables SSO to approved client / tenant resources while simplifying account management of Service Providers and Customers
YesRequires Federated Authentication Service
10Application Proxy
Provides secure access to virtual desktops while keeping data safely protected within the datacenter without requiring a VPN
YesRequires add-on Citrix NetScaler with open firewall ports
11Security Policies
Engine to employ security policies based on various contexts (example, printing, copy/paste, drive mapping drives)
via TruGrid Cloud & Desktop Connector
via Windows Group Policy
via Windows Group Policy
via Citrix Policies
via SmartAccess – Requires separate Citrix NetScaler
Ensures that users can connect to resources should a single broker goes offline
Via Multiple TruGrid Sentry instancesVia Multiple Citrix Controller and Citrix NetScaler instances
Via Multiple Citrix Cloud Connector instances
13Delegated administration
Provides the ability to designate specific administrative tasks to individual users
YesCitrix Sudio and Citrix Cloud
14Health Monitoring
Proactively monitors the health of critical services required for end user access
Printing, Profile Management, and Other Features
1Universal Printing
Mitigates the administrative burden associated with the management of network and local printer drivers
Microsoft RDS Universal PrintingCitrix Universal Printing Services
2Profile Management
Writable persistent layers for personalization that captures all user settings, user-installed apps, and data
Supports Microsoft FSLogixCitrix Profile Management
Supports Microsoft FSLogix
3User experience optimization
Delivers improved user experience to support multimedia, real-time voice and video collaboration, and USB peripherals
Citrix HDX
4Enterprise app store
Aggregates resources in one place providing self-service access to Windows resources through a single portal from all devices
TruGrid Web and Desktop AppsCitrix WorkSpace or StoreFront
5Clientless HTML5 Access
Provides access to publishd desktops within popular browsers using HTML5
TruGrid Web Access Launches Native RDPCitrix WorkSpace or StoreFront

Some data references courtesy of Citrix. Copyright TruGrid 2024

Use Cases

Core benefits of TruGrid SecureRDP

  • Maximum Security

    Closing all inbound firewall ports makes networks invisible over the internet

  • Zero Trust

    TruGrid prevents ransomware and data theft by blocking data transfer between remote users and corporate networks

  • Cloud Authentication

    Everyone must authenticate in the cloud before accessing the network

  • Default MFA

    TruGrid MFA is enabled by default. Any MFA integrated into Microsoft Azure also supported for authentication

  • Eliminate Latency

    TruGrid Global Fiber Optics Mesh bypasses internet congestion to deliver low latency experience

  • Simplicity

    Many customers implement TruGrid SecureRDP within a day

Popular Features of TruGrid SecureRDP

Securely connect employees to their Office PCs & Virtual Desktops in the Cloud

Enjoy built-in two-factor authentication and prevent stolen logins from being used

Implement the safest and fastest "Work from Home" solution

Stop cost & pain of multiple add-ons (VPN+MFA+RDP) with one solution

Authenticate via Active Directory or Azure AD, or Hybrid AD & AAD

Implement a Remote Access solution with Zero Trust and eliminate VPN risks

Secure RDP, VDI, and DaaS without exposing firewalls

Software for desktop and application cloud hosting platform

Protect computers from BlueKeep and DejaBlue Vulnerabilities

Replace expensive software like LogMeIn, TeamViewer, & GoToMyPC

Eliminate threat of spreading ransomware over VPN connections to Office

Meet PCI / HIPAA / Cybersecurity Insurance compliance for exposed RDP Ports

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