TruScan is the only real-time Dark Web monitor for RDP logins. It includes domain-wide Discovery Scans

Hackers no longer need to guess passwords or brute-force their way into corporate systems thought to be secured with logins and passwords. According to a 2018 FBI security bulletin*, hackers now buy stolen credentials from the Dark Web in order to effortlessly login to company systems.

The FBI bulletin highlights some important points:

  • Hackers can visit the Dark Web and buy stolen credentials for almost any company
  • Hackers can use the stolen credentials to effortlessly login to corporate systems
  • Hackers can easily discover which systems are available behind a company firewall
  • Hackers can easily determine which company is behind the firewall

In the bulletin, the FBI suggests several steps (processes) and security measures (tools) that all organizations should employ to safeguard their systems against RDP attacks. Suggested security measures require the use of disparate systems, including monitoring Dark Web reports. This is where TruGrid can help. TruGrid is the only known system that combines the FBI-recommended security measures and tools with Dark Web monitoring.

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Below are some of the ways TruScan Dark Web monitoring helps organizations.

Organizations are using TruGrid Secure RDP (which includes TruScan) to meet FBI security recommendations

  • Organizations are using TruGrid Secure RDP in order to achieve all of the security measures recommended by FBI to safeguard access to RDP. The TruGrid Secure RDP includes TruScan Dark Web Monitoring for licensed RDP users at no additional cost
  • Organizations using TruGrid Secure RDP are able to use TruScan annual monitoring to protect all logins for their company for users not licensed for TruGrid Secure RDP

Organizations subscribe to TruScan annual service to proactively monitor and fix stolen credentials

  • Organizations subscribe to TruScan annual Dark Web monitoring in order to receive alerts when company logins are being sold so that they can fix the problem
  • Organizations are using guidelines from TruGrid on how to minimize incidents of stolen credentials
  • Organizations are able to use TruGrid MFA / 2FA with their RDP logins to eliminate any danger posed by stolen credentials

MSPs are offering TruScan Dark Web Monitoring to increase value to customers

  • Via TruScan multi-tenant dashboard, MSPs are providing annual Dark Web monitoring to their customers in order enhance their security portfolio and add value to customers
  • MSPs are using TruScan to open new doors and help engage new customer prospects
  • MSPs are using TruScan branding to launch and promote their own Dark Web monitoring service


FBI 2018 Bulletin: Cyber Actors Increasingly Exploit RDP

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