Best Security Features for Companies Using Microsoft RDS

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Security Features That Protect Your Workers, No Matter Where They're Working

The number of off-site employees is on the rise, with 63% of all companies declaring they have remote workers at least part of the time. That number is expected to continue to increase in coming years as employees continue the push for better work-from-home policies and flexible work options.

In fact, some sources predict that as much as half of the US workforce will be remote by 2020 – less than two short years from now.

Remote work has its share of perks, but one of the biggest hesitations from companies is the impact on technology security. When companies have one or many of their employees working offsite with access to company systems, you’re no longer able to guarantee the security of your network. When your employee fires up a connection in their local coffee shop or checks their company email via mobile device, they could be putting your entire company data at risk.

TruGrid is answering the demand for better security for remote workers. With an advanced suite of security features, your employees can enjoy the flexibility of offsite work without the risk of a security breach.

Take a look at the top security features that make TruGrid a smart solution for data-conscious companies:

Two-Step Authentication

Two-step or multifactor authentication is one of the most effective, yet underutilized, forms of security. This adds an extra layer of authentication to protect against hacking and fraud.

Inputting a username and password is considered one-step authentication. Unfortunately, it has become all too easy for hackers to steal passwords stored on servers.

Two-step authentication adds an additional verification factor using information only the true user should know. This might include sending a code via text or email or answering a security question.

The combination of the username, password, and another piece of information makes it more difficult for intruders to gain unauthorized access.

In addition, TruGrid never stores passwords in our database. We monitor for suspicious logins and alert you immediately of any potential risk.

Active Directory Anti-Hacking Feature

Your Active Directory is the lifeblood of your network. It keeps track of every bit of information on your Windows domain: usernames, passwords, apps, and hardware, to name a few. If a hacker gains access to this directory, he or she can hijack your entire system.

It’s easier than you might think. A single infected email or thumb drive can be all a hacker needs to grab administrative rights. Once they have a foothold, they can start getting better credentials and a stronger presence in your directory. It’s only a matter of time before they’re able to access what they came for – credit card numbers, banking information, personal records, or other critical data.

The most foolproof way to prevent Active Directory hacking is to close the portal altogether, but your IT team needs access to maintain your company’s network.

Instead, many companies place fake “objects” in the directory that will trigger an alert when a hacker tries to manipulate the object. These objects don’t affect any other part of your network and your employees will never know they’re there.

TruGrid’s Active Directory anti-hacking feature is a proprietary feature that protects your Active Directory from security breaches. The TruGrid Cloud Shield adds an extra layer of protection to your Active Directory via the Secure Connector. No matter how your users access your network, you can rest assured they’ll be the only ones.

Advanced Encryption Features

TruGrid is serious about protecting your company’s data and leaves no opportunity overlooked. Our platform includes traffic encryption and transparent data encryption (TDE).

Automatic HTTPS rewrites will rewrite links to unencrypted sources to ensure every webpage is safe to visit.

Modern Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a much-needed upgrade from SSL and offers the latest in security features, especially as it concerns remote access sessions. In addition, TruGrid utilizes  HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to protect cookie hijacking and protocol downgrade attacks.

Network Security

TruGrid’s platform includes superior DDoS mitigation by shielding the target and relay networks. DDoS mitigation also identifies and separates human web traffic from human-like web traffic, such as bots or hijacked web browsers.

To further protect your network, you get robust firewalls, network and IP abstraction to deter unwanted visitors, and isolation of your virtual network.

Fraud Prevention

TruGrid is committed to preventing fraud at every turn, especially when it comes to stolen identities. We actively monitor identity risks and alert you immediately if we suspect a user’s credentials have been compromised.

Given the rise of remote workers, you could have team members spread across your city or the entire country accessing your virtual network. TruGrid incorporates geo-blocking technology to limit network access to specific geographical regions. If you know where your teams will be working, you can restrict network access to those areas. Your system can deny or approve access based on the user’s location. This way, you won’t have someone from, say, halfway around the world trying to break into your network.

Application and Platform Security

TruGrid is hosted on Microsoft Azure Platforms to give you the most secure access possible. We apply role-based security privileges to protect your company’s information and can custom-tailor your network access.

User sessions can time out automatically after a certain period of inactivity to further protect your company’s network. Only those who are actively using the network will be granted access.

In Closing

Whether your team is accessing company property from an office computer or their own device, your biggest priority is to ensure they’re the only ones making the connection.

Without TruGrid, you may be putting your company (and your customers) at risk by exposing your active directory to password hacking, exposing ports in your firewall, failing to block IP addresses by geographic location, or not proactively monitoring for intrusion.

TruGrid has compiled one of the most comprehensive suites of security features that solves one of the biggest problems of the increasing remote workforce. See it in action for yourself and learn how you can keep your company safe no matter where your employees work.