Service Providers

Quickly deliver Windows Apps & Desktops on any cloud

TruGrid Simplified DaaS for Service Providers
Simplified DaaS for Service Providers

DaaS in Minutes

Service Providers are learning that when customers are given the choice of on-premises or cloud access to business applications, many opt for the cloud.

DaaS is the preferred way to deliver Windows applications in the cloud. DaaS helps customers avoid expensive hardware and upfront implementation costs; and delivers recurring revenue to Service Providers.

Service Providers that focus on hosting can also use DaaS to partner with Independent Software Vendors / ERP vendors and their Channel Partners to jointly serve customers.

Customers use TruGrid SecureRDP to achieve the quickest DaaS deployment that can be completed in as little as 2 hours, without sacrificing security.

Service Providers utilize TruGrid’s multitenant dashboard to manage multiple customers and multiple clouds from a single interface, all with zero-trust, integrated MFA, and no firewall exposure.

DaaS on any Cloud

Between public and private clouds, Hosting Providers have several options to choose from.

As Hosting Providers grow their businesses, many prefer to extend into hybrid clouds in order to increase uptime and resiliency. As a result, Service Providers prefer flexibility when choosing the platform that underpins their DaaS offerings.

Customers use TruGrid SecureRDP because it works on any cloud, be it Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or any private datacenter.

TruGrid multitenant dashboard allows Service Providers to connect to multiple clouds and on-premises datacenters from the same interface, in order to further their hybrid cloud initiatives.

Implement DaaS on any Cloud with TruGrid
Implement DaaS on any Cloud
Save money with TruGrid
Reduce Cost Eliminate Multiple Add-Ons

Reduce Costs and Simplify Security

A secure DaaS platform requires several components to properly function. Some of these components include security gateways and appliances, Load Balancers, Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Directory Services integration, SSL certificates, firewall security and configuration, etc.

They also include the associated costs of the components, implementation and integration complexity, and on-going maintenance.

Customers use TruGrid to eliminate all of these costs and complexities because TruGrid has integrated MFA; does not require any firewall configuration or exposure; does not require special security gateways; includes automatic load balancing; and plugs into Active Directory or Azure AD. Moreover, many Service Providers use TruGrid to provide bastion access to hosted virtual machines without firewall exposure.

TruGrid implementation can be accomplished in 2 hours or less.

Achieve Active-Active Business Continuity

The ability to quickly recover from system outages is a requirement for service providers. Mature service providers recognize that a DaaS platform that works across hybrid clouds in an active-active implementation provides the fastest and smoothest way to achieve business continuity.

Due to its cloud-agnostic design, customers use TruGrid to manage and access DaaS across hybrid clouds in order to achieve active-active business continuity.

Use TruGrid to Connect to Multiple Clouds for Business Continuity
Connect to Multiple Clouds for Business Continuity
Service Providers choose TruGrid for Simplicity
Service Providers choose TruGrid for Simplicity

The Choice Service of Providers

Hundreds of Service Providers currently use TruGrid to deliver DaaS solutions on multiple clouds. Service Providers manage multiple customers hosted on multiple clouds from a single dashboard. Popular use cases include:

  • ISVs and ERP vendors hosting their apps for customers on public and private clouds; and allowing on-premises versions of their apps to be accessed and managed by customers within customers’ private datacenters. This gives vendors full visibility into all customers regardless of where their apps are used; and it allows vendors to fully monetize the customer public and private cloud experience.
  • Hosting Providers hosting popular ERP, Accounting, Clinical, and business apps such as SAP, SAGE, QuickBooks, Infor, Allscripts, etc., for various customers for secure access from anywhere. The simplicity and versatility of TruGrid allows Hosting Providers to focus and monetize business relationships instead of managing technical complexities.
  • MSPs & Service Providers using TruGrid to manage hybrid work for many customers by providing access to Windows computers (Remote PC) behind firewalls, without firewall exposure and without the need for VPN. This allows MSPs to quickly rollout remote work solutions without compromising security.
  • Hosting Providers use TruGrid to provide Access Bastion to hosted systems without any firewall exposure. By leveraging TruGrid SecureRDP technology, Hosting Providers can enable Windows VM access for their customers without public IP addresses or firewall exposure.