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Exclusive Features for Service Providers

As a service provider, you need a reliable, secure, and easy-to-implement remote desktop solution for your clients. TruGrid SecureRDP offers a comprehensive suite of features designed specifically to meet the needs of service providers. Here are some of the exclusive features and key benefits for service providers.

Multi-tenant dashboard icon

Multi-tenant dashboard

With TruGrid’s Multi-tenant Dashboard, service providers can manage multiple clients from a single, centralized interface. This feature allows you to easily switch between different client environments, and manage resources efficiently. The dashboard provides reporting, enabling better oversight and streamlined management of all client deployments.

Branded Portal icon

Branded Portal

The Branded Portal feature allows service providers to create a customized remote access interface that reflects their own branding. This not only enhances the professional appearance of the service but also builds trust with clients by offering a cohesive and branded user experience. The branded portal includes your logo, color scheme, and other brand elements, ensuring that your clients recognize and trust the service.

Month to Month No Cotract Required icon

Month-to-Month No Contract Required

The Month-to-Month Subscription provides flexibility for service providers by offering an option that can be adjusted as your needs change. This subscription model allows you to scale services up or down based on client demand without being locked into long-term contracts. It offers the convenience of predictable monthly billing while providing the benefits of an annual commitment, such as volume discounts, cost savings and enhanced service features. 

Key Benefits for Service Providers

Streamlined Deployment and Support 

Set up TruGrid SecureRDP in less than a day, ensuring quick and efficient deployment for your clients without the hassle of prolonged installation processes. Benefit from free product implementation and ongoing support, minimizing overhead costs and maximizing client satisfaction. 

Enhanced Security

Operate on a zero-trust model with no firewall exposure and ensure robust security with built-in two-factor authentication, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing compliance with cybersecurity standards. Protect data in transit with secure encryption, safeguarding sensitive information from interception and breaches. 

Superior User Experience

Offer a seamless experience with support for multiple monitors, improving productivity and user satisfaction. Utilize TruGrid’s global fiber-optic mesh to reduce connection lag, providing a smooth and efficient remote desktop experience for end users. 


Implement secure remote access without needing to open firewall ports, reducing complexity and costs associated with firewall management. Allow multiple users to connect concurrently, optimizing resource use and enhancing scalability. 

Comprehensive Management and Reporting

Gain insights into user activities with reporting, helping you manage client environments effectively. Simplify and automate deployments with a centralized management console, perfect for handling multi-tenant implementations efficiently. 

Advanced Features for Enhanced Functionality

Enable integration with Entra ID (Azure AD), simplifying account management for both service providers and clients. Provide a customized and professional remote access solution with a branded portal and multi-tenant dashboard, enhancing client trust and satisfaction.