IT & DevOps Teams

Secure access to all workspaces across multiple clouds

Use TruGrid to Connect to Multiple Datacenters without VPN
Connect to Multiple Datacenters without VPN

Secure Jump Servers for Multiple Clouds

Access to multiple systems is an essential part of IT and DevOps functions. As IT teams utilize multiple clouds to achieve decentralization and increase system resiliency, securing access to jump servers is vital.

In addition, securing jump server access without compromising operators privacy is equally important.

Customers utilize TruGrid to establish secure access to multiple jump servers on multiple clouds without firewall exposure. With integrated and enforced MFA, IT Operators’ credentials are validated off – premises before access is granted to jump servers and networks. Moreover, since access via TruGrid is session – based, operators can confidently do their work without the privacy concerns associated with remote console and remote control software.

Prevent Data Leak

Many systems managed by IT and DevOps teams are in datacenters that are not habitable for work, or in public clouds that are managed by third parties. As a result, it is standard practice for IT teams to work from multiple locations around the globe while gaining access to critical systems that the manage.

For system owners, the need to keep data within secure datacenters / public clouds and prevent data leak is crucial.

Customers use TruGrid’s secure-by-default implementation to grant secure access to remotely-managed systems while eliminating data leak between remote workers and managed systems.

Repel RDP attacks with TruGrid
Keep Data Secure within Datacenters
Support Vendor / Partner BYO without Compromise
Support Vendor / Partner BYO without Compromise

Achieve Simplified Zero Trust

Many organizations use partners and independent contractors for IT work. In order to secure remote access, some organizations ship company laptops to third-party contractors and grant access through VPN.

Mature organizations are realizing that this approach is not cost-effective or secure, as the VPN exposes the remote networks to corporate datacenters, which can foster ransomware attacks.

Customers use TruGrid to secure access from any remote device and network while blocking all forms of data transfer between them; thereby eliminating the cost of laptops and insecurity of VPN.