How It Is Possible to Install Microsoft RDS in 15 Minutes or Less

TruGrid blog image - How is it possible to install Microsoft RDS in 15 minutes or less

Fifteen minutes is all you need to secure every remote connection in your company. It sounds like an amazing feat, impossible even. RDS security is riddled with complexities, and even some of the most common ways companies are securing these connections can still leave them vulnerable.

TruGrid answered the call to better security by devising the quickest method of deployment in the industry. All you need is 15 minutes and you can protect every remote employee and every remote device from would-be hackers.

Here’s how TruGrid makes it possible.

The Call for Faster RDS Deployment

Traditionally, deploying Microsoft RDS to thousands of devices could take a week or longer. It required much hands-on involvement from IT professionals as they relied on multiple third-party integrations to create a full suite of security features. Microsoft’s visual overview of RDS deployment contains multiple steps to put into place. It was anything but simple. 

The problem with this type of deployment are multifold:

For starters, there was no single solution to create secure remote desktop connections. IT departments had to outsource their needs to third party providers, usually multiple providers, and then try to find ways to unify those systems with each other. Companies had to set up their own redundancies to create a systematized process. 

It also meant having to wait for the lengthy process to be complete before being able to use remote connections (securely, at least).

TruGrid knew there had to be a better way, and the answer takes just 15 minutes to put into action. 

What TruGrid's 15 Minute Deployment Looks Like

TruGrid’s powerful solution simplified RDS deployment at every angle.

It eliminates the struggles for IT professionals because TruGrid is an all-in-one solution – no integrations necessary. TruGrid was built with many of the systems that companies would usually need for on-site deployment. The main difference is that it’s completely cloud-based, and since there’s no on-site server maintenance required, all you need to do is maintain your devices. 

Unlike with traditional RDS deployment, you’re not having to build an RDS farm. It doesn’t require an RDS Gateway or VPN. There’s no need for third party integrations, like multi-factor authentication or other security products. 

By eliminating these steps and creating a cloud-based, comprehensive solution, TruGrid able to take a week’s worth of work and pare it down to just 15 minutes.

The First Five Minutes

Protect your network so that only authorized domains are accessible. To do this, you will register and validate the domain requiring RDS via the TruGrid website. This process takes about five minutes, at most.

The Second Five Minutes

Next, you’ll install and activate TruGrid Sentry software on the servers in your datacenter. This proprietary software protects and shields your datacenter from direct Internet access. You won’t need to modify your firewall or tweak any other system. Another five minutes and this phase is complete.

The Final Five Minutes

Finally, you will need to populate TruGrid Active Directory security groups. Doing this allows you to determine who can remotely access desktops using TruGrid’s cloud.

In total, the entire process from start to finish takes about 15 minutes. It just doesn’t get any simpler.

What Happens Next

Once you’ve completed the three phases of deployment, you’ll use the TruGrid cloud to assign users to desktops. TruGrid includes integrated multi factor authentication in its system, as well as a Dark Web Scan for all assigned users. If a licensed user’s login credentials become compromised, TruGrid will alert administrators immediately.

How TruGrid is Changing the Face of RDS for the Better

By slashing some of the most time-consuming steps of securing RDS, TruGrid has truly reshaped the security and deployment of remote desktop services.

Using TruGrid is the fastest, simplest, and most secure solution available:

  • It eliminates the need to create an RDS farm because TruGrid’s cloud protection is your RDS farm.
  • You no longer have to leave open ports on your firewall that can leave you vulnerable to Windows RDS hackers. No one will know your RDS system exists, so you can feel secure that your sensitive data isn’t being exposed to the internet.
  • TruGrid includes an integrated multi factor authentication so there’s no need to bring in thirdparty products and spend hours trying to configure them. In fact, there’s also no need for other thirdparty integrations, virtual private networks, Microsoft RD Gateway, Microsoft RD Web, or Microsoft RD Broker. With less to install and configure, you’re multiple steps closer to deployment.
  • TruGrid’s cloud protects against denial of service attacks, unlike VPN gateways, third party MFA solutions, and RD Web and RD Gateway.
  • TruGrid’s robust MFA doesn’t send passwords until all steps of the verification process have been completed. This extra precaution makes it impossible for user credentials to become compromised.
  • TruGrid’s 15 minute deployment is possible regardless of the number of users in your company. It’s a scalable solution that can accommodate 10 users or a thousand users (or more).
  • If you have multiple data centers, TruGrid can link between them to provide full continuity to your Windows RDS systems.

It’s the simplest solution for IT departments to set up and manage, mostly because TruGrid does most of the work for you. End users can experience the same simplicity on the front end by being able to use their device of choice (Mac, Windows, Android). There’s no learning curve, no extended onboarding, and almost no wait before it can be used to its full potential.

That’s the TruGrid difference, and it’s changing the way companies use RDS for the better.

What Can a 15-Minute RDS Deployment Do for Your Business?

It’s not always easy to understand what makes TruGrid unique until you can see it for yourself in action. That’s why we’re offering a full 30-day free trial of TruGrid (no credit card required) so you can put it to use and see for yourself how we’re creating safer remote experiences.

Just 15 minutes could change the way you work. Find out more by taking a test drive and discover what TruGrid’s simple, safe solution can do for your business.