Firewalls act as a barrier between your computer network and the internet. They filter out potentially harmful traffic, keeping your network secure. However, firewalls also block legitimate traffic that your remote access solution requires to function correctly. This is why a new approach to firewall management is important.

The Risks of Open Firewall Ports over the Internet

While open firewall ports over the internet allow specific types of traffic to pass through the firewall, it also makes that traffic prone to attack by hackers. A better solution is a system that allows access to required traffic or services without any open inbound firewall port over the internet.

TruGrid’s Dynamic Firewall Port Management

At TruGrid, we use a unique architecture that eliminates the need for open inbound firewall ports. Instead, our solution requires authorized users to first authenticate in the cloud without any access to internal resources. Only after a user has successfully authenticated does TruGrid reach out to create an encrypted mesh or tunnel only for that user’s access into internal resources. This approach makes our customers’ networks invisible over the internet.

Protecting Against Cyber Attacks with TruGrid

Interesting fact: Did you know that many cyber-attacks are successful because of open firewall ports? Attackers can exploit open ports to gain access to a network and steal sensitive data. With TruGrid, hackers cannot attack what they can’t see or isn’t accessible. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to try TruGrid’s secure remote access solution. Our platform provides advanced security, including multi-factor authentication and device fingerprinting, to ensure that only authorized users can access company resources. To learn more and get started with TruGrid, click the button below.

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